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Social Media Marketing Strategy Power Sessions

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Choose either the “90 minute Dip Your Toes” or the “240 minute Jump Start” series:  Choose to spend three 30 minute sessions (total 90 minutes) or three 1h and 20min sessions (total 4 hours) in person, via phone, or by video call (Skype or Google+).  Together we will discover opportunities to integrate Social Media channels into your Overall Marketing Strategy and make a realistic assessment of your available resources to dedicate to your efforts.  Based on our observations and our discussions, we will recommend a specific Content Production and Distribution Strategy customized for you.  We will also help you discover how to best incorporate Social Media Marketing as a key tool in your marketing bag and take advantage of the power of Word of Mouth Marketing.

Shortly after our visit, we will share our formal analysis with you and provide concrete recommendations for your Overall Marketing Strategy with digestible and actionable steps that you can implement straight away.  You will also come away with many resources and most importantly, with a road map that provides a clear picture of how to put all the puzzle pieces together.

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Would you like to attend a workshop about Social Media instead?

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Get Your Social On: Get Crankin’ with Social Media

Take the learning curve and the mystery out of Social Media by attending one of our information-packed, 120 minute, high-intensity and interactive workshops where you will learn the secrets to getting in front of your customers in today’s tech-savvy, lighting-fast world.  A blended and highly customized combination of Social Media is the platform of choice among successful marketers today, and communicating your message and creating a community has never been easier – or “free-r.”

Marketing these days is more about building a two-way relationship with consumers, and Web 2.0 tools are a powerful way to do just that.  Learn how to combine the Big 5 – by enticing them to listen and join the online conversation about your business in places like Facebook fan pages, Twitter, interactive newsletters, company profiles on LinkedIn, Foursquare and branded YouTube channels, among others.  Invest less than 120 minutes in your platform- and get the secrets to put it all together and join in the conversation that is already happening – with, or without you, about your brand and industry, and all around you.

Workshops are offered both in person or via Skype Group or Google+ hangouts.  We customize the content for each group’s experience level.

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