According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s mission is to ‘make the world a more open and connected place.’  Businesses can take advantage of this and connect with potential customers as well as their existing ones.

When people think of Facebook they think it’s for high school and college kids but out of the 500 million Facebook members two thirds of them are actually out of college. Facebook has become a great place for businesses of all sizes to communicate and market to customers. All you have to do is create a fan page for your company and Facebook will automatically add you into the search engine results giving you an opportunity to bring traffic to your website.  The question many businesses have though is how can Facebook truly help my business? Facebook has become more than just a place to talk to friend, and it includes many different ways for a business to promote themselves such as:

  • The fan page itself is ‘outside’ of Facebook’s walled garden and is ‘index-able’ by the search engines
  • The “like” button on the top of the page which is there for people who are interested in your area of business or products to endorse your company
  • The wall which allows you to post videos, blogs, and photos about your business all in one place for the customer to see immediately when they go to your page
  • Places which allows you to check-in at any location which is a great way for businesses to reward their customers for checking into their place of business

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Facebook in the News:

The new Facebook Timeline rocks in our opinion! Loving it! Because it’s true: “We relate to old and new experiences differently.”

Check out this great post from the perspective of the Designers who created this UI (User Interface).

Facebook Timeline

Ready to tackle the project on your own? Here is a great resource from our friends at Dreamgrow to use to create your Facebook Business Fan Page.